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Sixth annual webog awards

The 2006 bloggies.
sina的年度博客评选与这个相比如何呢? hiahia


Three things.     

1) First of all–that last post? That was me. My brother can barely speak actual words, let alone type them. Thanks for telling him how great he is, though. He’ll appreciate it anyway. (Go read it if you haven’t yet.)

2) Okay. A situation:

Let’s say, you date a guy. He’s weird, overbearing, annoying. You stop dating.

You become “just friends.” And his entire demeanor changes: he becomes this incredibly charming, funny, wonderful man. He’s easy-going, yet engaging and warm. His jokes, once pathetic and forced, have developed actual wit and now make you laugh out loud. When you call him, you are disappointed if you get his voice mail because you like talking to him so much.

Then one day he says he is dating someone else. You get stomach cramps from the jealousy. It’s not because you think you made a mistake when you ended your romantic relationship back then, but because you wish you had been dating the person you are friends with now. The guy you’re friends with now and the guy you used to date then are NOT the same person.

Why do some people make relationships so hard? Why is it that sometimes a guy will put all this pressure on the relationship, and fill his head with a bunch of expectations when they just get in the way of enjoying each other’s company? You end up with a person behaving how he thinks he should, instead of the real person. When he stops trying, he’s so much better. But by then it’s too late.

If you do say you want to give the relationship another try, he’ll get all flustered and start behaving like a relationship-robot again. Must do this, must do that, must obsess over relationship because that’s what boyfriends do. Ugh.

You can’t win. Yes, you get a great friend, but it could have been so much better. Although, apparently, really it couldn’t. You already tried. There’s not turning back.


3) Often the wisest prophecies are born from the most humble of God’s creatures.

(thanks to David for showing me the way to this one.)


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    Good 其实新郎的也不差,起码有明星blog

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