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To somebody buried in my heart
You are out of my life, but never out of my mind.
To others, you may be nobody,
but to me, you are surely somebody.
Whatever you said, I took it seriously,
though sense may tell me NO,
but sensibility tells me yes.
There is always a place in my heart for you,
though I seldom mention it, because selfishly
thinkall the beautiful memories only belong to me.
Whenever you are in need, I will come to you.
Cos you are so special to me.

下班的时候收到mumie的短信,还在怀念过去的 燕园经院 呢。

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  1. 很想找个机会听听你唱歌,不知道能是什么感觉!

    Posted on 29-10月-06 at 21:32 | Permalink

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